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To: Edward Lewis <edlewis@arin.net>
Cc: Ted Hardie <hardie@qualcomm.com>, Ned Freed <ned.freed@mrochek.com>, randy@psg.com, ietf-provreg@cafax.se, shollenbeck@verisign.com
From: Patrik Fältström <paf@cisco.com>
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 19:15:21 +0100
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Sender: owner-ietf-provreg@cafax.se
Subject: [ietf-provreg] Re: provreg's privacy issue

On måndag, mar 10, 2003, at 17:08 Europe/Stockholm, Edward Lewis wrote:

> Returning to the IESG review of these documents sometime around 
> October, we feel that we have addressed all of the comments now.

Also the one from Allison which sort of disappeared in the flurry of 
other discussions?

> As soon as the new documents hit the repository, we ask that the IESG 
> resume its review of the specifications.



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