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To: "Eric Brunner-Williams in Portland Maine" <brunner@nic-naa.net>, "Edward Lewis" <edlewis@arin.net>
Cc: "Edward Lewis" <edlewis@arin.net>, "Eric Brunner-Williams in Portland Maine" <brunner@nic-naa.net>, <ietf-provreg@cafax.se>, <jaap@sidn.nl>
From: "Ram Mohan" <rmohan@afilias.info>
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 22:10:17 -0500
Sender: owner-ietf-provreg@cafax.se
Subject: Re: side bar, was Re: [ietf-provreg] Our "Privacy Issue"

> I want to avoid the appearance that EPP is perfect.
> No one is running it operationally yet

Last time I checked, at least half a dozen registries are running EPP
operationally.  .INFO (02); .ORG(07), .BIZ(04), .US(04?), .AU(05),
.NL(?)plus a bunch more ccTLDs.

> But it's also apparent that whatever flaws hiding in
> it are hidden so well not many of us see them.

Not sure the hypothesis is true; exposure of limitations has probably not
happened - i know a few registry folks who have things they don't much care
for in EPP, but haven't talked about it on the list.


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