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To: dnsop@cafax.se
From: Anssi Porttikivi <anssi.porttikivi@teleware.fi>
Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 14:02:17 +0300
Sender: owner-dnsop@cafax.se
Subject: A letter hierarchy based scheme for arbitrary TLDs

How about this:

the top domains will be the classical ones + these new one letter TLDs.

Now I want to have a name "anssi.abc." for my machine. I rewrite it (first
in my head) to be "anssi.a.b.c."

I go to the "c." TLD server administration. I ask them, if anyone has
registered a "b.c." first level name with them. If such domain exists, I go
to its administrator, and ask, if they have a domain "a.b.c." already. And
so on, up to the letter, that is not yet served by anyone. If the domain
"a.b.c." already does exist, I can't register a new one. First come first

In this case, let's say the domain "b.c." did exist, but the domain "a.b.c."
did not. Now I register my "a.b.c." with the domain "b.c." administration.
There should be a rule, that single letter domains allow registration for
any unregistered single letter subdomains!

So now I can set up names like "anssi.a.b.c." in my own name server, serving
the domain "a.b.c.", registered at "b.c.".

NOW I MODIFY MY RESOLVER and ask everybody to do the same, if they please!
The new versions of resolvers are standardized to TRANSLATE ALL UNRECOGNISED
many-letter TLDs into a sequence of one letter domains. So "anssi.abc." will
be resolved as "anssi.a.b.c." domain.

Additionally, domains "c.o.m.", "o.r.g." etc. and corresponding country
domains like "f.i." and "u.k." can be set up as peered, synonymous domains
for "com.", "org.", "fi., "uk." and such. So that the new resolvers would
not even have to know any list of special "recognizable" classic TLD

Now anybody is free to set up whatever TLDs they want to!!!

Old resolvers will work with the old TLDs.

Old resolvers will kind of work with the new names, but only if you
translate manually, using "anssi.a.b.c" instead of "anssi.abc".

New resolvers will work with all names, old and new, whether written as
"anssi.a.b.c." or "anssi.abc."

Data communications trainer/consultant
Teleware, Helsinki

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