Lars-Johan Liman holds a Master of Science degree, majoring in Applied Physics, from the School of Engineering Physics at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden. He started his career in 1990 as a systems administrator for the Unix systems at KTH's Department of Teleinformatics, and moved in 1992 to the KTH Network Operations Centre for external networks. In 2000 Lars-Johan moved on to Autonomica AB (now merged into Netnod Internet Exchange AB) where he has his primary employment as senior systems specialist. Netnod operates Internet infrastructure services such as exchange points and DNS services.

Over the years, Lars-Johan has specialized in the domain name system, starting with administration of DNS databases using the Berkeley Internet Name Daemon (BIND), and continuing with the more theoretical side of things like operational issues and standardisation of protocols. On the e-mail side his interest in the Berkeley Unix sendmail program has taken him on a similar path.

Lars-Johan's current functions include:

  1. Responsible for, the first public DNS root name server based outside the USA,

  2. Member of ICANN's Root Server System Advisory Committee,

  3. Member of ICANN’s Registry Services Technical Evaluation Panel,

  4. Memeber of the IETF DNS Directorate,

  5. Designer and maintainer of DNS systems for the Swedish top-level domain .se,

  6. Active in the DNSEXT working group in the Internet Engineering Task Force standardization body,

  7. Active in the DNSOP working group in the Internet Engineering Task Force standardization body,

  8. Active in the DNS working group in the European Internet service provider forum RIPE.

Lars-Johan's previous engagements include:

  1. Member of the program committee for the ICANN meeting in Los Angeles.

  2. Member of the Nominating Committee for ICANN’s board of trustees and other organizations within ICANN,

  3. Chairman of the DNSOP working group in the Internet Engineering Task Force standardisation body,

  4. Member of the gTLD-MOU Policy Oversight Committee,

  5. Chairman of the working group for development of new domain name rules for the Swedish top-level domain .se,

  6. Assistant investigator at the Swedish Agency for Administrative Development.

  7. Maintainer of DNS and mail software for central DNS and mail servers at the Royal Institute of Technology,

  8. Assistant supervisor for the Internet Mail Consortium's mail interoperability tests,

  9. Supervisor for the Swedish Network Users Society's mail interoperability tests,

  10. Teacher of Advanced Internet Design at the KTH.

Lars-Johan Liman, M.Sc.